Winter Landscaping Ideas for Andover Homeowners

Living in Andover, you’re no stranger to the harsh effects of winter in New England. Although your lawn care needs aren’t quite as great as, say, spring and summer, there are still things you must keep up with when it comes to winter landscaping. Here at T&B Landscape and Irrigation, we offer you complete winter services for your property, such as snow plowing, snow removal, sanding and salting. Check out these ways in which you can incorporate winter landscaping ideas in Andover.

Nurture Your Tree Bark

Sounds weird but it makes sense. While deciduous trees shed their leaves in fall and winter, their branches are left bare yet can become a beautiful focal point if they feature visually distinctive bark, says . A couple of good examples for winter landscape additions include dogwoods and birch trees, which give a distinct texture and color. To get help from professionals check out these guys. There are people that can get the stump of the bark removed as it is of no use to some and these tree removal professionals can be contacted immediately.

Highlight Trees with Berries

Bright berries and crabapples can provide a pop of color in the dead of winter. Not only do many trees and shrubs retain their berries throughout the winter for a visual delight, these same trees often attract birds who love to feast on the berries. Crabapples, American cranberry bush, red-twig dogwood, chokeberry, wahoo, and hollies with berries are just a few good examples. While many shrubs are visually appealing, you may not be able to even see them when a good snowstorm buries them. Look for plants that:

  • Contain colorful berries
  • Are tall enough to see over the snowbanks
  • Catch snow in the branches
  • Show off a delicate structure
  • Feature a pretty bark
  • Give off evergreen foliage
  • Hold a visually appealing branch pattern

Trim Your Shrubs and Hedges

While winter is considered a dormant season, this is the perfect time to do some pruning and trimming of those perennial plants like hostas, daisies, peonies and liriope. You can prune your evergreen and deciduous trees or consider a tree trimming service as the Rich’s Tree Service, Inc do trimming too. Start by taking a look at them, observing where the failing or decayed branches are located. If you have no idea what you’re doing, it’s best to call in a professional landscaper who knows exactly how much to trim and how much to leave. You could end up doing irreparable damage if you get too prune-happy. You’ll also need to pick up dead branches from the ground and those hanging from trees so they don’t drop onto wires or cause another kind of hazard. To get professional to help you get this done view more here.

Spread Mulch

A good rule of thumb when it comes to mulching your plant beds is to go down to between 1.5 and two inches. Mulch not only looks good but it provides a protective barrier throughout the cold months of winter. This way, the plant roots will stay warm. Just be sure not to cover the trunks of any shrubs or trees, as root rot can set in due to the excess moisture. Do some mulch contouring using a rake to pat it down securely.

To help with any of these tasks and much more, consult the experts at T&B for winter landscaping services you can count on.


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