Why Fall Is A Great Time to Seed and Feed Your Lawn

  • Why Fall Is A Great Time to Seed and Feed Your Lawn

Your lawn needs to care all-year-around, but Fall makes a particularly great time for you to plant seed and feed your lawn, as stated by experts from http://www.highlandgrovelandscaping.com/landscape-plant-nursery.html. If you’re ready to have the best year of lawn even, then read on to find out why Fall is an excellent time to dees and feed your lawn. 

Why Seed and Feed Your Lawn in the Fall? 

We all want a bright green and healthy-looking lawn. But it might surprise many people to find out that actually, Fall is the best time of year to do it. The autumn is a wonderful mix of cool air and warm soil, ideal for planting grass seed. This also means your grass is likely to be given longer to grow roots and develop ahead of the winter months. 

What does this mean? It means you will have a thicker and stronger lawn for spring the following year. 

Here are a few tips about how you can make the most of the Fall season and have a beautiful lawn next year. 

Overseed a Thin Lawn

If you notice that your lawn is thinning, Fall is the best time to oversee ahead of the winter. If you want to turn weak, thin grass into thicker, more healthy grass, then Fall is the perfect time for you to book a Fall Clean Up and regular maintenance with T&B Landscape and Irrigation

Not only will the get your lawn looking beautiful again, but the fall clean up also takes care of ornamental and mulch beds, turf areas, removing leaves and branches, and other debris. Leaving you with a lush and healthy lawn. 

When you are overseeding a lawn, you will select the lowest lawn mower setting on your lawnmower. This should cut your grass to around 2 inches or less. You will then need to rake the grass and remove dead grass, debris and loosen the soil’s top layer. This will make it easier for the seeds to take root once they begin to sprout. 

You will need to fill and adjust the spreader according to the instructions on the packet. Apply only as directed. 

Many people make the mistake of assuming that the grass seed will just grow and be fine because grass tends to grow well when left alone in the wild. However, when you are looking to have a well-kept lawn, you should regularly water the grass. You should keep the soil moist, most often you will need to water each day, and twice when the odd day of heat arrives. 

Once your grass seedlings reach about 3 inches high, you are then able to mow it. It is essential that you don’t mow your lawn until the new grass has had a chance to fully establish itself. 

Why Fall Is A Great Time to Seed and Feed Your Lawn

Why Should You Fertilize Your Lawn In Fall?

Any time you feed your lawn, you are doing the best for your grass, but Fall provides a specific opportunity to prepare your lawn for the winter and spring

Fertilizing your lawn in the Fall

When you feed your lawn, you will give the roots a pre-winter nutrients boost. Lawns do get hungry for goodness, and at the end of the growing season, this is particularly so. Feeding your lawn in Fall will help it grow stronger, deeper roots before the cold kicks in. 

Repairs and rejuvenates the grass after what can be some hot weather with heavy foot traffic during summer. 

Giving your lawn a healthy coating of food regularly throughout Fall will mean that the tired and dried out grass will recover quickly, and you will notice it has a more fresh and healthy green color too. 

Feeding your lawn in Fall will give you grass a headstart on spring. When the dormant season happens, the grass will not grow and will come to an almost standstill. Feeding your grass will give it a massive dose of the essential nutrients that the grass needs to store, ready to spring into action during the growing season – in spring. Another bonus is that you will notice your grass is greener earlier in spring; this can even be up to 6 weeks early. 

Feeding your lawn during the fall months will provide your grass with the strength, support, and stamina it needs to come through the winter months in a healthy condition, and as soon as the weather is more pleasant, start the growing process. 

So if you want a beautiful green lawn in early spring, then remember that Fall is a great time to seed and feed your lawn.

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