West Newbury Lawn Care


Want to impress your family, friends, and neighbors with an immaculate, healthy lawn? If you’re in West Newbury, look no further than the lawn care services provided by T&B Landscaping.

Lawn Mowing

T&B Landscaping’s weekly mowing services can remove the hassle of mowing while delivering great results. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to mowing; instead, we make adjustments to the mowing height to reflect the turf species and local conditions. We also handle debris removal before the job and the removal and disposal of clippings after the job. (If you want to keep the clippings, just ask: We can leave them if desired. Otherwise, we will get rid of them in accordance with local ordinances.)

Weed Control

T&B Landscaping also provides weed control on a weekly, biweekly, or on-call basis. As pointed out by gardening expert Melinda Myers, weeding does more than just improve a garden or lawn’s appearance: It helps the plants that remain grow in a more healthy manner. Weeds can hog space, water, and nutrients. They can also play host to insects and unwanted diseases, so removing them is essential.

Our professionals carefully differentiate between weeds and flowers, and they use manual techniques and the precise application of herbicides to get rid of undesirable weeds. (Our herbicides do not harm the plant materials in shrub or mulch beds.) The end result is a weed-free, highly manicured appearance for the weeded area.

Core Aeration and Lawn Dethatching

Also in our areas of expertise are core aeration and lawn dethatching. These serve a similar purpose—helping the grass grow—but involve different techniques. Dethatching gets rid of dead, matted grass, while core aeration supports the root systems of grass and makes it easier for water to penetrate the soil. Often done together, these procedures prime grass for continued health.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Lawns can benefit greatly from spring and fall cleanups, which, combined with year-round maintenance, can head off problems before they start and keep lawns at their best. A spring cleanup involves removing debris, repairing irrigation systems, and other tasks such as aeration and dethatching.  The fall also involves debris cleanup, a final mowing, and additional duties that have the goal of preparing the lawn for winter.To learn more about any of these services, use this form for a free estimate or visit our contact page. You can also reach us by phone at 978-296-5290 or through email at northshore@tblawncare.com . No matter the time of year, we’re standing by to help your lawn thrive!