West Newbury Landscaping Company


T&B Landscaping has been providing landscaping services to towns like West Newbury since 2003, helping both residential and commercial owners keep their property in great shape despite the area’s sometimes-harsh climate. This page provides an overview of our landscaping repertoire.

West Newbury Lawn Services

Whether your lawn just needs a touchup, preparation for a change of season, or a major overhaul, T&B Landscaping is ready to help. We provide both lawn installations, which completely resurface a lawn, and lawn renovations, which repair and improve areas of a lawn in need of care. Seeding and hydroseeding are in our service line as well, which can provide a less expensive option while still delivering great results. If you’re not sure which service is right for you, don’t worry: Our professionals can work with you to identify a plan and then execute it.

Trees, Hedges, and Shrubs

T&B Landscaping handles far more than grass in lawns: We also take care of all needs related to trees, hedges, and shrubs. If you are looking to add any of those to your property, then our planting services can be of assistance. Additionally, we handle tree and shrub pruning as well as hedge trimming. Both trimming and pruning are important for the health and appearance of plants, but as pointed out by The Complete Pruning Guide, doing either one improperly can cause damage. Hiring professionals is a good way to ensure your plants receive the care they need.

Another area T&B Landscaping can help is in the removal of trees, hedges, and shrubs that are dead, overgrown, or damaged. This requires specialized equipment and training to perform safely, again making it advisable to hire professionals.

Garden and Installation Services

T&B Landscaping’s scope of services also covers flowers, which are often the most visually striking part of a garden. We can help your garden reach its colorful potential by carefully planting annuals and perennials. Additionally, our professionals maintain gardens as a whole by installing mulch and decorative rocks, which wards off weeds and retains moisture. For a standout, crisp look, we also perform ornamental bed edging. Finally, our team can install enjoyable elements such as walkways and patios as well as functional features such as drainage pipes and retaining walls.Interested in learning more or setting up an appointment? Just use this form for a free estimate or get in touch through our contact page. We are also reachable by phone at 978-296-5290 and through email at northshore@tblawncare.com . No matter the scope of your landscaping needs, we look forward to helping!