Summer Landscaping Services


landscaping companyMaintaining your yard in the summer can be overwhelmingly exhausting due to the heat. Bringing in the experts from T&B Lawn and Irrigation will take the weight off your shoulders, so can enjoy the best season of the year. Keeping the lawn well fertilized will give it the nutrients it needs. However, that means the grass will grow at a faster rate. T&B offers weekly, bi weekly, and on call mowing services. We’ll cut the grasses length according to the type your property have. The company accommodates for both commercial and residential properties.

For the dainty, colorful, and robust plants on your property T&B offers a multitude of services to make your property a bucolic and well maintained dream. Aside from planting annuals and perennials, T&B can create custom ornamental flower beds using rocks to increase interest and design to your yard. Adding your choice of three different mulches can provide a clean appearance as well as keep weeds away.

The T&B team is trained to prune and trim hedges and shrubs properly to provide a good cosmetic appearance and overall well-being of the plants. We can also remove and or transplant trees, shrubs, and hedges to your liking. So, sit back and relax during the summer because T&B has you covered. For more information please contact us today.