Our Review of The Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller

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Are you tired of taking constant care of your lawn but still not being able to make it attractive? Why not make your life easier with Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller? T&B Landscaping has a solution for you. We have started installing Rachio Smart Irrigation Controllers for our customers. This little gadget has brought great transformation in many yards so far. It will completely modify your lawn to a place where you can sit and relax with your family. You can enjoy morning therapy by walking on the dew droplets on the soft grass. We would love to provide you with our services to enhance the beauty of your house. Let’s dive in!

Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller

Rachio has introduced its smart sprinkler controller that has made lawn management such an easy and fun task now. This is a simple automatic sprinkler that will water the green area of your house according to its requirement. Another fantastic thing about the device is that it also keeps an eye on the weather and soil conditions. If the weather is rainy, it adjusts itself accordingly and cuts the water supply for the time being.

8 Worth Buying Features of Rachio Smart Sprinkler 

1. Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller is  Easy to Install

Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller is very easy and quick to install. You can install it in 30 minutes. Additionally, you can take sharp guidance from the in-app install tutorial that would provide you with enough knowledge about the whole setup.

2. This Smart Irrigation Tool Follows the Smart Schedules

This automatic irrigation controller is very intelligent about weather adjustability. It can adapt smart schedules about soil moisture, climate, and season all by itself.

3. It Has Brilliant Water-Saving Ability

rachio smart irrigation controller

Rachio has designed it so brilliantly that this smart device can save up to 30-50% on monthly water bills.  Thus, if you are a person who is always worried about unusually high water bills, this amazing irrigation tool can do wonders for you.

rachio smart irrigation controller

4. You can Control it Simply by Using a Mobile App

No matter if you are using an Android or an IOS, Rachio smart irrigation controller is compatible both with Android and IOS. Thus, mobile users can install its app on their phones and can enjoy controlling Rachio through their phones.

5. It Has the Ability to Adjust the Needed Water Levels Automatically

Use the app installed on your mobile and simply operate the device. It will automatically adjust the required water level needed for the plants keeping in view the season.

rachio smart irrigation controller

6. You Can Select Water Zones from the Phone

You can select a zone and then run and pause its watering according to your requirement. This can also be done by using the mobile app.

7. And Yes, There is a Smart Troubleshooting Tool

You can easily eradicate any problem relating to your lawn by using the troubleshooting tool of the Rachio smart sprinkler controller. For example, lawn disease of any kind, test sprinkler head coverage, and even management of irrigation can all be controlled through your device.

rachio smart irrigation controller

8. This Tool is Best to Control Watering Bills

It has special problem-solving techniques and watering algorithms. They will accurately calculate the soil depth, root depth, and other requisite things to find out moisture in the soil.

rachio smart irrigation controller

Consequently, water consumption would be as low as possible.

Power Specifications of the Controller

DC transformers will not work with the Rachio controller. It must have to be connected with the AC power adapter only.

No Special Tools or Complexities to Install 

The best thing about Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller is that it can be installed easily. Any other sprinkler system is compatible with it. It would be easy to connect by using the app-guided system and one-touch connectors.

Customer Reviews About Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller 

A Rachio controller user Treion M was absolutely all praises for the product. He said,

“After purchasing and setting up our new Rachio system miracles started occurring.”

Another customer of Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller Allen said,

“Very, very pleased with the Rachio controller and the savings on our water bill every month.” 

T&B loves This Sprinkler Too!

rachio smart irrigation controller

We at T&B landscape and irrigation have become a fan of this brilliant product. With all the positive reviews pouring in from customers across the country, the sprinkler has for sure entered ‘The favorites’ list of many in the T&B headquarters. There has been a high influx of orders from all our valued customers, and we totally love all this rage.


More than 600,000 yards have been successfully beautified by Rachio Smart technology. The Rachio controller can work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and many other platforms. So, what are you waiting for?  Get your very own automatic sprinkler installed on your lawn by contacting us today!


Why do irrigation so hard when you can do it easily and with a lot of fun?

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