Prepping Your Yard For Spring

Spring is probably the most important time to conduct maintenance on your lawn, so as to prep it for the coming good weather seasons. Some of the recommendations listed below will help you to keep your loan in great shape, so that it’s not overcome by weeds, and so that it’s able to withstand the heat of summer. By investing a little time and effort at the beginning of the spring and summer season, you’ll have much less work to do when the warm weather arrives, and your yard will have a better chance of surviving the toughest weather of summer.

Clean up debris

Any debris which has been deposited on your lawn over winter should be gathered up and disposed of. Any areas of your lawn which have become matted during the winter should be raked out, because it will encourage airflow, and it will discourage the possibility for disease or insect infestation. It will also encourage the free growth of new blades of grass, so they don’t have to struggle so much during growth.

Re-seed where necessary

Winter often causes considerable damage to lawns, at least in some specific areas, where salt may have accumulated or snowplows may have scraped over an area. These areas should be re-seeded early in the season, so that new grass has a chance to grow in time for summer. It’s also a good idea to apply some weed control and fertilizer while you’re at it, to give your new grass the best opportunity to thrive.

Aerate your lawn

It’s important to aerate your lawn in the springtime, before the soil has a chance to reach a temperature of 60°, because after that happens, the seeds from weeds will take over. By aerating early in spring, water and air will have a better chance of reaching grassroots, and for allowing development and new growth.

Fertilize your lawn

Fertilizing your lawn in the springtime is a great way to kickstart growth for the spring season, and to wake your grass up from its wintertime dormancy. Fertilizer can help your grass endure the heat of summer, as well as possible shortages in rainfall and vital nutrients from the soil.

Crabgrass control

One of the best things you can do for your lawn is to apply a pre-emergent product for controlling crabgrass in the early spring. It’s very important to make this application before your soil temperature reaches 60°, because once the seeds from weeds germinate, your crabgrass control will lose most of its effectiveness. Once crabgrass has germinated, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of, so it’s very important that you administer a control agent before the soil has a chance to warm up significantly.

Need professional help?

If you’re not the outdoorsy type, you may want to leave the yard work to highly qualified professionals. Contact T&B Landscaping and let the landscaping specialists get your yard ready for a healthy, vibrant spring and summer life, so it can look great the rest of the year.

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