Preparing For The Next Major Snowstorm

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Now that we have successfully faced and handled our first major snowstorm of the new year — a whopper that dumped more than a foot of the white stuff in Andover — we can rest easy, right? No way. There are bound to be at least a few more storms this winter and it’s time to get prepared. Perhaps you were thrown off by this last one. But look at it as a way to learn from your mistakes and ready yourself for the next big snow storm. Here are some tips.

Gather your supplies: If this last snow storm unearthed some deficiencies in your winter management arsenal, this is the time to address them. Get your snow blower tuned up, stock up on gas, gather all your shovels in a convenient place, put scrapers and brushes in the trunk of your car, put on your snow tires, and make sure you have enough rock salt on hand.

Bolster your emergency kits: It’s wise to have emergency kits in your home and in your car. Your car’s kit should contain cell phone chargers, first aid kit, ice scrapers, blankets, sand (for traction) and jumper cables. Your home’s kit should contain supplies for at least three days of self-sufficiency, advises

Check your heat: Make sure you have enough oil or propane for heat, and stock your fireplace with plenty of dry firewood.

Check the stability of your mailbox: Many property owners assume plows are the ones to blame for knocking over a mailbox, when in many cases, it starts with a weak post that can topple with the weight of added snow cleared from the street. Make sure your mailbox can withstand the force of the snow that’s cleared by the plow.

Park your cars in the driveway or garage: If you have any cars on the street, bring them into the driveway, preferably in a single file line. This will allow the plow to clear as much snow as possible at one time. You can visit this site to get experts to have a look at your garage door and improve security by fixing any problems.

Stake out your driveway: Plow guys aren’t psychic. Especially with large accumulations, they don’t always know where the street or driveway ends and your grass begins. Help them out by placing fiberglass stakes to delineate the start of your yard to avoid unnecessary damage.

Call your plow company ahead of time: Don’t wait till you’re knee-deep in snow to call your plow guy. As soon as you know a storm is on its way, call a reputable plow company to get rates and book service. If you wait till the last minute, you could be waiting a very long time. Plow companies such as T*B Landscaping work 24/7 in big storms in order to get to each customer. But if you want top-notch service, you need to call ahead of the storm.

T&B Landscape and Irrigation operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the winter. We can clear your commercial parking lot or driveway, remove snow, and provide sanding and salting. Call now to learn about our Customized Winter Programs at (978) 296-5290.

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