Preparing for the Snowy Season!

  • Preparing for the Snowy Season

Winter has begun. So, snowfall is inevitable in various parts of the USA. Thus, preparing for the snowy season is a must. Andover MA is no exception.

Witnessing heavy snowfall close to52 inches on average per year, it becomes difficult for the residents to continue with their daily chores. It is a task to move the vehicle from the parking lot, which is fully covered with snow. And that is not enough! After clearing the snow from the vehicle, the driveway should be clear to move the vehicle freely.

Quick Tips to Consider During the Preparation for the Snowy Season

From blustery whiteouts sweeping across the city to cleaning the roads for snow in bone chilling temperatures, you have to prepare in the best possible way for the winters.

While T&B Landscape and Irrigation can help with exceptional help in preparing for the snowy season, here are a few things that you will need to keep in mind during the winters.


Snow Plowing:

Snow plow refers to an extended part of a machine that involves a blade mounted on the vehicle to sweep the snow on its way. It helps in clearing the way faster and in a more effective way. T&B Landscape and Irrigation provides fast walkway snow plowing using a Z plug. These vehicles help to snowplow any size driveway or parking lot and other outdoor surfaces.

Preparing for the Snowy Season

Snow removal:

This task requires heavy duty machinery as compared to snow plowing. For domestic purposes, snow plowing works as one of the most appropriate solutions. However, when it comes to clearing the snow from transportation roads, for instance, the one that happens due to storms, we have the necessary transport to serve the purpose.  

Winter service vehicles are based on dump truck chassis with mountings appropriate for snow removal from larger surfaces.

Sanding and Salting:

Since salt melts ice and snow, you can use these processes in extreme weather conditions to clear the excess snow and ice on the driveway. Salt contributes to lowering the freezing point of ice and hence melting it quickly. Also, salt dissolves in water. So, you can easily clean it up and drain away once the ice melts.

This is an effective way to clear the driveway, parking lots, and paths from snow. It makes the way not only swift for the cars but also safe to drive. Sanding the roads is necessary as it gives a frictional surface for the vehicles avoiding slippery surfaces, which might lead to accidents if avoided. Equipment used for dispersing the material should be appropriately calibrated in order to use the precise amount of salt and sand. This will help in getting the desired result during extreme weather conditions.   


T&B Landscape and Irrigation is a leading service brand in landscaping, irrigation and snow removal, serving Andover, MA. We provide services 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. So, you can rely on us even for emergencies. With our long experienced team, we ensure to put snow removal in place. We dump it down in time to avoid letting you get stranded up in a frozen creek.

Thus, when you have T&B Landscape and Irrigation with you, we can alleviate major headaches that are a result of these sticky situations. Contact us today to know more useful tips for preparing for the snowy season.

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