Newburyport Spring Cleanup

Newburyport Landscaping Company

When people think of spring cleaning, they often picture decluttering and sprucing up the insides of their homes. However, the exterior of a home can derive just as much benefit from a springtime refreshment. The Newburyport spring cleanup services provided by T&B Landscaping help that come to fruition.

A spring cleanup starts with the removal of debris and branches, which gets rid of unsightly winter leftovers and sets up the lawn for further work. That work can include irrigation repairs and irrigation system installation and maintenance. Example tasks in this area include replacing sprinkler heads and control boxes, installing rain sensors, and repairing valves.

To set up your lawn to thrive during the spring growing season, our team also performs fertilization, aeration, and dethatching, the latter two of which help air and nutrients reach the grass. As covered by agronomist Jaime Staufenbeil, dethatching and aeration can be quite labor-intensive and time-consuming, and they may also require certain equipment. Hiring T&B Landscaping for a spring cleanup can take that off your plate.

Spring is also a great time to plant new flowers and install fresh mulch, which we can take care of as well. Additionally, we handle sod installation to instantly create a lawn. We also have experience with the slower lawn-building methods of hydroseeding and grass seeding.If you’re concerned about choosing the right options among any of these services, don’t worry: We will consult with you to identify the best course of action, keeping your goals and budget in mind. To get that process started, use our free estimate form or contact page, email us at , or call us at 978-296-5290. We look forward to making the coming spring your lawn’s best season yet!