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Newburyport faces a wide variety of weather conditions throughout the year: According to Weather Atlas, the town faces an average low temperature of 15.8 degrees in January but an average high temperature of 82.4 degrees in July. Proper Newburyport lawn care is essential to keeping grass healthy and thriving in such varied conditions. T&B Landscaping can help by providing the following services.

Lawn Mowing

Mowing the lawn may seem basic, but it is a very important lawn care task. As pointed out by David Beaulieu at The Spruce, this type of lawn care serves far more than an aesthetic purpose (though it is essential for maintaining a neat, orderly lawn). Without proper mowing, the health of grass can begin to deteriorate quickly. However, regular mowing stimulates productive growth in grass. A professional lawn mowing service in Newburyport can ensure your lawn’s grass is cut to the proper height, which varies by grass species.

Additionally, when T&B Landscaping’s team makes a mowing visit, they provide more than just a trim for your grass: Debris removal beforehand is always part of the service, as is the removal of clippings afterward (unless you request that the clippings be left behind). We handle the disposal of clippings in accordance with local ordinances that affect Newburyport, and we can provide prescheduled mowing visits.

Weed Control

Weeds are an unwelcome guest in any garden or mulch bed. However, you don’t have to let them linger or tear up your hands trying to pull them yourself: T&B Landscaping provides both manual and herbicidal mulch control. Our professional team can strip the weeds out while identifying flowers and leaving them alone. (An important note: The herbicide we use does not harm other plant materials in mulch beds.)

Core Aeration and Lawn Dethatching

Core aeration and lawn dethatching are two more services in our repertoire. Core aeration essentially creates avenues through which nutrients, water, and oxygen can enter the soil, as explained by Beaulieu. Dethatching also serves the purpose of allowing water and nutrition to reach the grass, but it does so by removing thatch from the lawn. (Thatch is dead turfgrass tissue.) Core aeration and dethatching often go hand-in-hand.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Newburyport Lawn care is a year-round task, but cleanups in the spring and fall are a particularly good idea. In the spring, a visit from T&B Landscaping can remove leaves and debris and perform other necessary maintenance tasks, setting your lawn up for a healthy growing season. In the fall, our lawn cleanup service consists of debris removal and a final, pre-winter mowing, which helps the grass’s root systems thrive.

To learn more about what we can do for your lawn or set up a service appointment, just give us a call 978-296-5290. You can also use our contact page or free estimate form to request information about pricing and services, or send us an email at . Your lawn will thank you for hiring us, and so will we!