Massachusetts Sod Installation & Sales

  • Massachusetts Sod Installation & Sales

Fresh green grass is crucial to a beautiful landscape, and T&B Landscaping can help your lawn flourish. As spring approaches, lawns everywhere are ready to be brought back to life. Whether you want an easy way to have a brand new lawn or your lawn is in need of some care, T&B Landscaping is there to help you with sod installation. Why spend so much time reseeding your lawn when you can get sod installed? Sod installation is an easy way to have your lawn looking brand new and amazing in no time. 

Sod Installation

T&B Landscaping will lay down fresh grass, giving you a healthy and green lawn. Sod installation is an efficient way to have new grass in no time. T&B Landscaping will bring in fresh rolls of sod and install it quickly. Instead of having to wait 18 weeks or more for grass to grow, you can have a brand fresh lawn in just a few weeks. 

Why Should You Install Sod?

There are many reasons why sod installation would be beneficial to you. These reasons include:

  • Faster Results

    • Within a few weeks your lawn will be brand new. The sod installation process is considerably faster than the seeding process. With the seeding process, you may have to wait up to 18 months for complete results.
  • Requires Less Maintenance

    • Seeded lawns require much more maintenance than the new sod that is installed. Seeing as though sod is already matured grass, it requires less care. Once laid, sod only needs to be watered twice a day for the first few months. Seeding however, requires herbicides and constant maintenance.
  • Increase Property Value

    • Sod installation is beneficial to an increase of property value. A well-maintained sod can catch the eye of potential buyers and get a better deal.
  • Coverage

    • When sod is installed, it is guaranteed to cover the whole plot of land without gaps or dry patches. When growing grass, it is likely that you will have spotty areas, therefore sod is the way to go.

Best Seasons for Sod Installation in Andover

If you want your new grass to grow properly at a quicker rate you must make sure you lay the sod at the best time. Although sod can be planted anytime throughout the growing season, the best seasons to lay sod are early Autumn and Spring. During these seasons, the day is warm and the night is cold, creating the perfect environment for newly laid sod. The warm soil allows the roots of the sod to quickly connect with the native soil. These seasons also experience the most rain which is essential for the new sod to grow and root.

SOD Installation Process

T&B will remove the old grass and prepare your lawn for a remodel. It is essential that the soil is free of weeds and remove all large chunks. This is necessary so the new roots grow and bond quickly with the soil. Once the land is prepared the team will level the soil and get it ready for installation. The team will then dampen the soil and begin unrolling the sod. It is imperative that the sod is laid without gaps in a staggered pattern. This will allow the grass to grow at a better, quicker rate. T&B Landscaping has the expertise to perfectly align your sod and neatly cut the edges making your lawn look fresh and well maintained.  

Tips For Taking Care Of Your New SOD

After the brand new installation of your fresh sod, there are several tips to making sure your sod takes and keeps that green color. Some tips include:

  • Make sure you water your sod 2 times a day for the first few months. New sod needs extra care to make sure the roots connect correctly to the native roots. 
  • Stay off the sod as much as possible. The less you walk on it, the better the roots can grow and the grass will flourish. 
  • First mow the lawn after about 2 weeks. When mowing, never mow more than one third of the grass blade.
  • After 3-4 weeks you can reduce the frequency of watering your lawn. The roots will be connected and grow deeper into the soil.
  • Fertilize your sod at least once a month to help the roots continue to grow and make your lawn look great.

Massachusetts Sod Installation & Sales Massachusetts Sod Installation & Sales

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