How to Give Your Home Curb Appeal

  • How to Give Your Home Curb Appeal

Adding curb appeal to your home doesn’t mean you have to make big changes. Simple fixes and spruces can really increase the value and look of your Andover home. Not only are you adding to the curb appeal of your own home, you’re adding to the appeal of the whole neighborhood. This looks great especially if you’re planning on selling anytime soon. Here are some tips on how to boost the attractive factor of your house.

Spruce up the Front Door

Nothing says “welcome” like your entry way door. An outdated, chipped, peeling or just plain ugly door will bring down the look of any house, no matter how nice the rest of the property is. Likewise, if the only thing you do to enhance your curb appeal is update the door, you’ll go a long way in your mission. You don’t even need to necessarily buy a whole new door. A coat of paint or stain can do wonders. Red is a vibrant color that symbolizes prosperity, while black gives off a classic appeal. No matter which color you choose, make a statement with your front door. Painters Care provides lots of options and tips about painting your home effortlessly.

Replace Hardware

In the same vein, switching out the hardware for your front door and surrounding porch area can also lift the spirits of your home quickly. Make sure they complement each other as part of a collective unit rather than piecemeal. Stick with all black, all bronze or all silver, for example. Use the same fonts for your house number as well as your wall-mounted mailbox. Better Homes and Gardens says oiled-bronze finishes are best for traditional homes, while brushed nickel finishes are best for contemporary ones. Don’t forget to update the handle on the entry way door as well as the lock set and kick panel.

Make Over Your Mailbox

Mailboxes are the focal point of your home, complementing the home and expressing your individual personality. Try a hanging drop box, paint the wooden post to match your home, and plant flowers all around for a colorful welcome to all guests.

Add Landscape Lighting

Incorporate low-voltage or solar lighting accessories to your property to add functionality, beauty, safety and security. You can use these elements to add accent lighting to your home, surrounding trees, or even a walking path. Try a nice mixture of the following different types of landscape lighting:

  • Crosslights
  • Uplights
  • Floodlights
  • Pathlights
  • Moonlights
  • Submersible lights
  • Shadow lights

Manicure the Lawn

You don’t have to get fancy with your landscape, but a neat, well-manicured lawn is the key to excellent curb appeal. To achieve a lush-looking lawn, hire a professional landscape company who has the experience and equipment to achieve the look you’re going for. Consider regular service that encompasses:

  • Lawn installation and renovation (sod installation/renovation, seed or hydroseeding)
  • Flower planting
  • Shrubs, hedges and trees (planting, pruning, trimming)
  • Ground covering for garden beds (bark mulch, decorative rock)
  • Ornamental bed edging
  • Installation services (walkways, patios, retaining walls, drainage pipes)

Boosting your curb appeal is easier than you think. You just need a professional on your side to help achieve the look you want.

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