How to Care for Your Lawn in the Winter

  • How to Care for Your Lawn in the Winter

Here in Andover, MA grass goes dormant in the winter. In our colder climate, grass will simply stop growing until the spring. During this season, we tend to spend the least amount of time thinking about our lawns and the lawn mower is stashed away somewhere out of sight and out of mind. Don’t let this time of dormancy fool you, however. There are still plenty of maintenance tasks you could be doing to set your lawn up for great success for a fantastic spring revival. In this article we’ll share tips on how to care for your lawn in the winter.


It may not seem fitting to apply fertilizer during this time of dormancy, but applying fertilizer during the cooler months is actually the best time to do it. You should thoroughly fertilize your lawn before the first freeze to replace all of the nutrients that may have been lost during the hot summer months. We recommend using a spreader moving it back and forth over the grass while gripping the handle like a trigger. The fertilizer is then evenly spread across your lawn as the pellets are shot from each release. Be sure to follow the instructions on the fertilizer packet for maximum results. Warning! Only apply the recommended amount on the package instructions. Too much fertilizer can actually burn your grass giving you the opposite of what you’re going for. This winter fertilizing will allow your grass to get it’s proper nutrients all winter long. That way when spring finally comes around, your lawn will be vibrant, full, and healthy. 

Keep Your Lawn Area Clear of Debris

Cold weather often prevents us from going out in the yard as much as we would if it were warmer. As we spend these winter months keeping warm inside, we tend to overlook things out on the land such as the grill, toys, stray logs, as well as lawn furniture. However, under snowfall, these items could hinder your lawn over time. It’s imperative to clear these objects from the grass as early as possible. By doing so, you can avoid having large dead spots and help your spring lawn flourish.

Watch Out for Snow Mold

If you’ve ever seen gray-colored circles on a lawn, it’s snow mold. This is caused by cold-weather fungi that primarily affect cool-season grasses. Unfortunately, snow mold is not noticeable until the spring when snow melts and that grass starts growing. The good news is, snow mold is preventable. To avoid snow mold be sure to mow before the first snow. In addition, make your last cut of the warm season 1 to 1 ½ inches shorter than usual. This is recommended because shorter grass allows nutrients to pass through to the soil a lot easier in the winter and long grass attracts rodents who try to take cover from the harsh conditions. You’ll also want to clear leaves from your lawn. A thick layer of leaves is a breeding ground for snow mold. And while clearing driveways and sidewalks is common practice, you should avoid heaping large snow piles on your lawn since snow mold develops under snow cover. 

For more information on protecting your lawn during the winter season see our Lawn Care Guide for the Winter and our post, How to Prevent Lawn Frostbite.

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