How a Retaining Wall Can Benefit Your Property

  • How a Retaining Wall Can Benefit Your Property

Several ways of installing a retaining wall can bring real value to your property, and provide useful service in terms of your overall landscaping setup. At T & B Landscape and Irrigation, we are a retaining wall company that can survey your property and provides you with expert wall installation, so you can get the maximum benefit from it. Here are some of the ways that a retaining wall can provide tremendous value to your property, and can improve the appearance of your residence.

Prevents flooding

Storms and heavy rains can generate a powerful momentum for running water, and if you live in an area that has frequent rainstorms, the problem can be significantly worsened. When you have a retaining wall is installed, the potential for flooding is greatly diminished, and the momentum for runoff is completely disrupted. When water can’t accumulate after a rainstorm, the possibility of flooding is virtually eliminated.

Stops erosion

In the same way that a retaining wall can prevent flooding, it can also stop erosion. This is one of the main reasons property owners choose to have retaining walls installed in the first place. Erosion becomes very possible in areas where the landscape inclines and can encourage water runoff. If this runoff were to be allowed to continue, it would carry away valuable soil with each rainstorm, and that could also wash away important soil nutrients and any fertilizers you may be using. By implementing a retaining wall, you can prevent this kind of erosion from happening.

Aesthetic appearance

In addition to the functional aspect of a retaining wall, it can also add significant aesthetic appeal to your property. You can even get pretty creative with the installation of your own retaining wall and use materials that complement the rest of your landscaping strategy. This can help your retaining wall to blend in very well with the rest of your landscape, or you can use it as a focal point for your entire yard and make it the center of attention on your property.

Creating additional space

If your property includes several hills, you can use tiered retaining walls to create additional space all around your property. These retaining walls will have the characteristic of flattening out your land, thus generating more space that you can use for gardens and landscaping. All this will have the happy effect of providing you with a more attractive property, and it will also provide you with more functional space you can use.

Increases property value

The fact that you have increased the aesthetic appeal of your property by adding a retaining wall, will also serve to increase your property value if you should ever decide to resell your home. The increased functionality of your landscaping design will also tend to increase overall property value. Anytime you can install features on your property that are both useful and attractive, it will add to the value of your residence.

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