The Effects of Not Caring for Your Lawn

You’re busy. We get it. It’s very easy to neglect your lawn because you’re always on the go with work, school, and social commitments. You keep putting it off but every day you neglect your lawn during this critical season is another day of damage. It’s not just the mowing, though. It’s everything else: watering, pruning, trimming, fertilizing, weeding, and general maintenance. Here are some effects of neglecting your lawn:

Lowered Property Value and Curb Appeal

Whether you’re looking to sell in the near future or not, the state of your lawn is an important factor in the appeal of your property and indeed even its value. A nice-looking lawn gives off a great first impression. Period. If your lawn is brown and patchy, a potential buyer will take notice and may even pass it by. A lush, green lawn can fetch a bit of a higher price for your home because it appeals to a buyer’s sense of health and beauty of your home. It also shows you have a high level of pride in your home and implies that you maintain the rest of the home just as well. This perceived value on the part of a potential buyer can easily translate into a very real dollar value when you go to sell your home. Even if you never sell, don’t you want to contribute to the pride of the neighborhood with a beautiful lawn?

Unhealthy Grass for Family and Pets

Failing to upkeep your lawn means you’re putting your kids and pets at risk. From divots that can turn an ankle to brown patches that can quickly turn muddy in a summer rain, a poorly maintained lawn means your family doesn’t have a safe space to play. And if pooling of water is occurring, that stagnant water attracts mosquitoes which can pass on disease. Summer is a time when the kids are home, you’re having barbecues and entertaining…make it a beautiful, safe space in which to gather.

More Pests and Weeds

With regular lawn care, you’re doing your part in terms of pest and weed control and the experts from Team Veterans Pest Control can be of help. Without it, you are risking the harboring of insects that can do real damage, such as fire ants that can destroy your lawn. Not only that, they can bite your kids, pets or guests. Weeds detract from the overall look of your lawn, plus with regular maintenance, you can stop them before they sprout.

Harming the Environment

Keeping up your grass is good for the environment. That’s because your lawn acts like a natural filtration system, filtering the air of millions of tons of dirt and dust every year throughout the country. Your lawn also filters water, which contributes to the health of your neighborhood. With lush greenery, you will also reduce greenhouse gases, which contributes to global warming.

Now that you know why good lawn care is important, it’s time to hire an Andover lawn care professional who can help you achieve a beautiful landscape!

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