Does Landscaping Increase Your Property Value?

  • Does Landscaping Increase Your Property Value

There are many competing pieces of advice about what constitutes the most important priority when selling a house. It’s become a cliche that the kitchen is the room that tends to sell a house, but it’s considered important enough that people will put real money into remodeling that room. Equally, the importance of curb appeal has led many to suggest that the buyer will have an idea of whether or not to bid on your house before they even step through the front door. If the garden passes muster, then the house is likely to be good enough. Landscaping Increase Property Value

An essential question, then, is “does landscaping increase your property value?”. Will time, money and effort plowed into your exteriors be reflected in the bids you get on your home when you come to sell it? We can be confident that there will be some impact on the sale price as a result of landscaping, but an important question still remains as to whether that impact justifies the hard work. Here you can get an idea as to what to do for your exteriors  as it is well explained in this article.

Realtors agree that landscaping makes a difference

The figures depend on who you are asking, but it seems indisputable that putting in some dedicated effort and landscaping your yard can fetch a bigger offer. Even the most pessimistic forecasts will say that you could fetch another 1% on the sale price as a result of landscaping your exterior. If you’re looking at selling for $130,000, 1% is still another $1,300. That’s not nothing. But more importantly, it’s a deeply conservative estimate. Most experts will put the impact of a decent landscaping job to be worth at least 10% or even 15% on the sale price. That can be an additional profit of $13,000 or, at the higher end, close to $20,000.

Of course, landscaping doesn’t just happen and if you want to get the best results you’ll need to call in the experts. The signs are, though, that anything you spend on overhauling the garden will be more than recouped by the higher selling price when you close on the house.

The more you do, the better for you

There are, of course, varying degrees of landscaping that you can add to a home, with the most basic simply relating to lawn care and maybe some basic planting. The more innovative you choose to be with your landscaping – and the more layers and sophistication you add – the greater will be the increase in eventual sale price. If, for example, you plant trees to offer shade in summer, or you add a central water feature or pergola, you will realize a greater profit than if you simply “tidy things up”. 

While it will obviously cost more to carry out more intricate additions, the signs are that a more complete job of landscaping will result in a greater increase; the return on investment when it comes to additions such as a rockery can be as high as 130%. It seems that ambition is rewarded when it comes to getting the best sale price on a home.

Bigger houses and gardens need bigger interventions

If you are looking to sell a larger property with a bigger garden, as noted in myHomeSpot article, your investment in landscaping should be commensurately greater. You can consider spending up to 10% of the value of the home on landscaping, and you will still see a larger return on your investment than you would achieve with a smaller outlay. The fact of the matter is that with a larger garden, a more expansive job of landscaping is going to be necessary if you want to make any visual impact on the exterior of your property. You do not want to invest in improving your garden and then see that its impact has been blunted due to the garden’s large size.

The knowledge that landscaping gets a consistent return on investment should be of some comfort in this regard. Putting effort and ingenuity into a landscaping job is worth it, and the value of your property will climb higher as a result of your innovation.

In conclusion

If you want to achieve the best possible return on your house sale, consider your garden to be as important as any room inside the house. With the correct investment in landscaping and the resultant boost to curb appeal, you can ensure a better sale price when it comes to closing the deal; the right landscapers may even help you to sell your home above the asking price. A great garden might not sell your home outright, but it will certainly help elevate the offers you get.

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