Benefits of Landscape Lighting in Andover, MA

  • Benefits of Landscape Lighting in Andover, MA

Landscape Lighting in Andover

Part of the curb appeal, safety and functionality of your home is its exterior lighting. Without it and you wouldn’t be able to highlight the beauty of your property, increase the safety of your visitors or deter burglars. Perhaps you’ve been getting by with that lone floodlight that doesn’t really add value to your landscape. Maybe you’ve stuck a few of those cheap solar lights into the ground lining your pathway but they’re bent and uneven now. Perhaps you have no lights at all.

Here at T&B Landscaping, we can help with all that. We’re experts in landscape lighting to provide a decorative yet functional element for your property. Well-planned exterior illumination can make all the difference. There are many benefits that come with landscape lighting.

Safety: With strategic lighting, you can prevent many of the tripping hazards that occur when nightfall hits. By illuminating steps, pathways, thorny vegetation, abrupt elevation changes or toys, you and your guests can stick to the beaten path and avoid those hazards that could lead to injury. When it comes to hosting guests at your home, this becomes a liability issue as well.

Security: Dark exteriors and heavy shrubbery against your home give places for intruders to hide. When you add landscape lighting, you eliminate the shadows in which people can take cover. Use landscape lighting in conjunction with a security and alarm system for the ultimate in peace of mind.

Beauty: Bringing out the beauty in your home is made easy when you have just the right amount of directional light to highlight the focal points and architectural features you love so much. At night, you can enjoy different textures and angles that you would never see during the day.


Functionality: You can enjoy your yard into the night when you have landscape lighting. Why limit your time outdoors to daylight hours? This way, you can still take advantage of your pool, patio, play areas, and fire pits well after the sun goes down. You can see easily, too, without having to fumble with flashlights.

Value: Experience a boost in your property value by installing landscape lighting, giving you a high return on investment, especially when it comes to prospective buyers.

Money Savings: Instead of those old-school lights that you have to manually flip on and leave on all night, you can now install smart programmable landscape lighting that fits with your schedule. You can schedule when you want the lights on, and keep them off when you don’t. This saves on electricity usage and thus your bills.

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