Lawn Care

Andover-MA-Lawn-CareT&B Landscape and Irrigation provides lawn care maintenance for commercial and residential properties. We understand how important it is for your property to look its best at all times. Whether it’s the emerging days of spring or the cool autumn days of fall, T&B has the right tools and maintenance team to keep your property looking beautiful no matter what season. We offer customized maintenance programs to fit any budget. If you’re aiming for a way to give your lawn a well-designed look and give you a perfect line for mowing and trimming, garden edging is the best to go, as Formboss is guaranteed to last much longer than others.

Below is a list of some of our services that can be combined to fit any properties particular needs.

Lawn Mowing
T&B offers weekly mowing services! At each lawn-mowing visit, we adjust the mowing height based on turf species and local conditions during the growing season. This helps to ensure a healthy greener looking lawn. All debris are removed from the turf areas prior to mowing and grass clipping are always bagged and removed from property to maintain a neat appearance. (Clippings may be left behind at owner’s request) With each mowing, we provide string trimming (lawns are trimmed along borders, flower beds/planters, fence lines, sidewalks and any other areas to ensure a neat appearance.) All clippings are removed from the lawn area, planting beds, walkways, patios, and driveways. Clippings are always disposed of properly and in accordance with any and all city ordinances.

Weed Control 
Weekly, bi-weekly or on call weeding services. T&B has the knowledge to differentiate between weeds and flowers. Our experienced team can turn any weed infested mulch bed into a well-manicured weed free mulch bed. Weed control is done manually by hand or through the use of herbicides, which are not harmful to the plant materials located in the shrub or mulch beds.

Core Aeration
Improves rooting and helps to enhance infiltration of rainfall or irrigation on the lawn. 

Lawn De-Thatching
Remove matted and dead grass to allow the grass to breathe and promote healthy growth.

Spring Clean Up
Spring is a great time to spruce up the yard for the new season. At T&B Landscape and Irrigation, we collect all leaves and miscellaneous debris, and remove them from the

Fall Clean Up
During a fall clean up we collect all leaves, branches, and debris from the turf area, ornamental and mulch beds. Included in the cleanup is a final lawn mowing (cutting the grass to a low height), which helps promote sturdier root systems throughout the winter.