A Lawn Care Guide for the Winter

This may come as a surprise to a lot of unsuspecting people, but lawn care is a year-round event. In fact, it’s the cooler months where most of the planning and preparation for a great lawn occur. In our post about things you can do to protect your lawn for winter, we uncovered 4 big things you can do before these frigid months hit to ensure a pristine and healthy lawn come spring and summer. Yes, winter is not a time to take a break when it comes to caring for your lawn. It’s the exact opposite. 

Prevent Frostbite

One of the biggest things you’ll need to watch out for during the winter season is frostbite. We’re all familiar with the frostbite condition in humans. But did you know it can happen to grass too? The effects of frostbite on grass can be devastating to the overall health and look of your lawn. Not to mention, treating it can be a hassle.  You could end up with patches of dead grass or worse, an entire lawn of dead grass. Keep a close eye on the weather and make sure you’re doing everything you can to prevent frostbite.

Remember Your Plants

If you have any plants in your yard, you’ll need to have a cold weather plan in place for each species. For example, if you are under a freeze warning, you need to place frost cloths over your plants to provide added insulation. There are commercial frost cloths available that come with the added benefit of promoting air flow and allowing light in. Be sure to adequately weigh the cloth down so they won’t fly away in the night. Also, some plants may need to spend the night indoors such as tender plants in containers. These plants should be brought inside during cold weather. 

Monitor Traffic

Dormant grass can tolerate a moderate amount of traffic. However, anything more than that can cause a significant amount of damage. Be especially watchful of grass beneath snow. Although your lawn looks like a majestic winter wonderland while covered in snow, it can be harmful to the grass if there’s too much foot traffic. Because the blades are frozen, the grass is hard and can break easily. Excessive foot traffic can also cause huge brown spots in your lawn during the springtime.

The winter season brings about a lot of fun times given the holidays and family nights in front of the fireplace. It can also be a stressful time not just for you, but for your lawn as well. Taking steps to prepare for the winter, planning for cold weather events, and implementing a cool season lawn care routine, can make your life easier and your lawn healthier.  Following the practical tips in this guide will give your lawn the best possible chance of thriving during the winter.

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