4 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Lawn This Winter

The cooler months are now upon us and very soon we’ll start seeing snow in our cold Andover climate. As lawn service providers, we know all too well just how harsh winters can be on a lawn. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about protecting your lawn during the winter months. So we’re here to clear some of those myths up.

One misconception we constantly clear up for our clients is that some of the hardest lawn work is in fact done in the fall and winter months. Because these times of the year are perfect for preparation work and precautionary measures, it can make or break a good looking lawn. However, most people understandably think the opposite. Not true. Now is the time to get to work in preparation for a pristine lawn in the spring and summer. Here are 4 things you can do now to protect your lawn this winter.

1. Aerate at Least Once Per Year

It’s very important to ensure you allow your lawn to ‘breathe’ in the fall and winter. This can help to break up compacted areas and clear out things getting in the way of your grass receiving the proper nutrients and water. The process of aerating your lawn will also allow oxygen to seep into the soil which helps in maintaining that healthy green color we all have come to love. There are a lot of other benefits aerating your lawn can bring such as allowing seeds to sprout making way for new grass to grow without interference from weeds or compacted soil. You can aerate your lawn manually and there are tools on the market you can use to do so. However, it may be more convenient to hire a professional to do it instead.

2. Fertilize Before the First Frost

In addition to aeration, it’s also important to fertilize your lawn before the first frost occurs. This will give your grass the vital nutrients it can preserve and store during the winter. These nutrients will help your lawn survive the cold months and give it the spark it needs for a spring burst of freshness. Plan on having this be the last fertilizing session of the year by the way. Lawns that are fertilized during this time of year are the first to grow rich and healthy in the spring.

3. Get Rid of Leaves

If you have any leaves on the ground, it’s time to get them out of the way. You should make sure they are removed before the first frost! If left on the grass, you risk facing ugly brown patches on your lawn. Also, leaves left on the grass can prevent the grass underneath from getting sun. These dangerous leaves cause a barrier between the sun and your grass which prevents your grass from breathing.

4. Water, Water, Water

Even though it’s cooler, don’t deprive your lawn of water. It is vital to continue watering your lawn. Although it may not look like it, your grass is still growing during fall months. Be sure to follow a watering schedule suitable for your yard so you can encourage growth. When the ground begins to freeze, you can stop watering.

While it may seem like it’s time to take a break from caring for your lawn, that can’t be further from the truth! Now is the time to get your lawn into gear by prepping it and protecting it from harsh winter months. By following these tips, your lawn will be the envy of your neighborhood come spring. If you need any assistance with keeping your lawn protected this winter give us a call. We offer free consultations and can give you the guidance you need to ensure your lawn is in tip top shape.

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