3 Must-Know Landscape Tips for New Andover Homeowners

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As a new Andover homeowner, you’re likely very proud of your new home, lawn and surrounding landscape. After all, Andover is a beautiful town that prides itself on its appearance, which is why you bought here in the first place. Whether you take care of your own lawn or you hire a professional to handle the details, there are some must-know landscape tips for new Andover homeowners to keep in mind. Here are three of them:

  1. Make sure you have good soil. Without rich soil, everything from your grass to your flowers won’t be able to take hold. According to DIY Network, if the roots of a plant can’t penetrate the soil, the plant will not grow. So, if you have determined that your soil is of poor quality, you may have to get rid of it and introduce new soil. Your landscaping professional can offer suggestions for your unique situation. You can test your soil for pH level, soil nutrient levels, and soil type. You can purchase a test at the store, send out samples to your local agricultural testing center or ask your landscaper to handle it for you. Adjust the pH levels as needed. Overall, you want soil that is comprised of sand, silt and clay for the best results.

  2. Plant a variety of blooms. When planning your landscape, be sure to incorporate flowers, plants, shrubs and trees that bloom at different times of the year. Also, you want to choose blooms that are colorful and complementary, for a full variety of colors, textures, heights and depths. The goal is to have a full-bodied landscape that always looks lush and full no matter what stage in the season you’re at. Ask your landscape professional which flowers will thrive in your yard and where. Some do well in shaded areas for most of the day while others need full sun. Another tip is to group things in threes or fives so that your landscape always looks full from a distance.

  3. Make sure you have adequate drainage. This is often overlooked by homeowners because it’s not exciting or flashy; however, like good soil, drainage works behind the scenes to ensure your lawn stays healthy all season long. You can use soil to build up any low areas you may have in the garden to prevent water from pooling in one area. This is especially crucial during spring, when water run-off from rain storms can really do a number on your landscape. Adequate drainage is also of particular importance if your soil is made up of dense clay, which doesn’t allow water to penetrate very easily. Your landscaper can address any drainage issues and suggest a plan to handle your drainage situation so your lawn thrives. You may also want to consider installing an irrigation system if you don’t already have one in order to ensure your plants and lawn get all the water they need as we head into summer.

Heed these tips and you’ll be enjoying a beautiful, lush landscape at your Andover home in no time!

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