3 Great Fall Landscaping Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

  • Fall Landscaping Ideas

Fall is a great time to begin preparing for the spring. There are plenty of effortless things you can do now to ensure a beautiful landscape this fall and a flourishing landscape in the spring! Here are 3 great fall landscaping ideas that will transform your yard in the fall and spring!

Apply new mulch

Mulching in the fall is much better for the plants than spring mulching. The roots will be protected from moisture and frost that will occur over the colder months.

Spreading 2-3 inches of fresh mulch around shrubs and trees is the best way to protect them. However, beware of using free mulch from municipal centers. It’s often made from diseased trees that have been ground up. Putting disease spores near your trees and shrubs is asking for trouble. Instead, buy hardwood shredded mulch from a trusted home and garden center.

Prepare for Spring

There are a few things you can do now to get your yard for spring. The most important thing to do is remove leaves, sticks and debris from the yard. Leaving it there can trap moisture and encourage disease to spread among the yard. Fall cleanup will lead to a healthy, luscious spring.

If you’re looking for colorful sprouting in the spring, now is the time to plant your flowers. Some flowers that will flourish in the spring if planted now are: Dutch Iris, Species Tulip, Darwin Hybrid Tulip, Parrot Tulip, and Apricot Daffodils. Of course, these aren’t the only flowers you can plant now. Be sure to check with your local home and garden center to ask if your favorite flower can be planted now! Be sure to plant the bulbs around 5’ deep for smaller bulbs and 8’ deep for larger bulbs. There is no need to water them because of the amount of moisture they’ll get throughout the winter.


Fall is a great time to show off your creative side. Whether you prefer a Halloween theme or a Harvest theme, the beautiful colors of fall make for a great canvas for your lawn. You can spice it up with a scarecrow or mummy on your front porch, or you can keep it simple and elegant with potted flowers in colors such as yellows and oranges.

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