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5 Things to Look for in a Good Andover Snow Removal Company

If you haven't engaged the services of a good Andover snow removal company yet, there's still time before the worst winter weather arrives, but you should get to it as soon as possible. At T&B Lawncare and Irrigation, we provide warm weather services to our clients, as well as the best snow plowing service for individuals ... More

How a Retaining Wall Can Benefit Your Property

Several ways of installing a retaining wall can bring real value to your property, and provide useful service in terms of your overall landscaping setup. At T & B Landscape and Irrigation, we are a retaining wall company that can survey your property and provides you with expert wall installation, so you can get the ... More

The Do’s And Don’t Of Fall Plantings In Massachusetts

Planting things in the fall around Massachusetts can produce some wonderful results that you'll really appreciate in spring. However, there are a few Best Practices you should observe, so that you don't make a mistake which will end up harming your new plants. By making yourself aware of these few simple guidelines below, you ... More

Why Fall Is A Great Time to Seed and Feed Your Lawn

Your lawn needs to care all-year-around, but Fall makes a particularly great time for you to plant seed and feed your lawn, as stated by experts from http://www.highlandgrovelandscaping.com/landscape-plant-nursery.html. If you’re ready to have the best year of lawn even, then read on to find out why Fall is an excellent ... More

Koi Pond in Newburyport

We've recently completed designing and constructing a custom Koi Pond in Newburyport, MA. Please enjoy the photos for this project. More

Does Landscaping Increase Your Property Value?

There are many competing pieces of advice about what constitutes the most important priority when selling a house. It’s become a cliche that the kitchen is the room that tends to sell a house, but it’s considered important enough that people will put real money into remodeling that room. Equally, the importance of curb ... More

10 Quick Spring Landscaping Tips

Spring is the best time to have fun landscaping your garden and ensure that it looks great - the quick tips here will help you to keep it beautiful year round. Whether you’re planning on having many garden get togethers or you simply want a place to enjoy a therapeutic gardening hobby, the advice below can help.  1. ... More

Our Online Store is Now Open!

Hip hip hooray! Our brand new online store is now open and ready for business! We are so excited for our customers to visit and use this service. Whether you’re on lockdown at home, busy homeschooling your kids or don’t have the time to call in-store, you can now shop from T & B Lawncare from the comfort of your own ... More

11 Creative Ways to Enjoy Spring At Home

We’ve finally stepped out of the cold, harsh winter months and have reached Spring! This is a wonderful time of year, where nature comes to life, the weather improves and the days start to become longer. So, it’s not all too surprising that many of us are greatly looking forward to the few upcoming months. Now, you don’t ... More

3 Things We Can Do to Make Your Lawn Vibrant This Spring

Getting back into your yard after a cold winter season is a wonderful feeling! The air is fresh. The sun is shining. Flowers are popping up and it is time for rejuvenation. You know it’s time to start planning for a lucious spring season when you see the season’s first daffodils start to bloom. All of us at T&B ... More