10 Quick Summer Landscaping Tips

  • Summer Landscaping Tips

A beautiful landscape gives a welcoming message and is desired by all. But keeping your landscaping in the perfect shape amidst the scorching summer heat can be challenging. If you are looking for some tips to refresh your landscaping, here are the simple and quick summer landscaping tips to make your outdoor bloom during the summers. 

1.   Pluck out the weeds

Weeds and summers are best friends. They can be found everywhere, including your patio, flower beds, yard, and even the gaps in your pavement. Allowing these annoying plants to take control of your landscape is a bad idea. When the weeds grow at greater heights, it will be difficult for you to dig them out. And if the roots of those weeds are still there, they will return in a few days.

So, try to ensure you get all of the weed’s roots as you take them out. Moreover, it’s better to remove them when they are small. You can also use a herbicide if your grass is entirely swamped with weeds.

2.   Your plants need nutrition

Plants will get proper nutrients through fertilizers. Fertilizing is also one of the best ways to avoid weeds from sprouting. It will help the foliage to deal with the hot sun. Nourish your carpet four times a year.

And for the best benefits, apply the fertilizers during the evening or when the weather is warm.

3.   Water! Water! Water!

This summer landscaping tip is known to everyone. Plants require water to survive and remain lush and green throughout the summers. But do you know how to water them?

Watering plenty and infrequently is the ideal method. Deep soaking irrigation encourages root growth, which keeps your plants/shrubs healthy for long. The sunrises and sunset times are the suitable time for watering. Avoid afternoon as the scorching sun may burn them.

Here is how you can install a smart, water-saving sprinkler system!

4.   Add some color

Growing bright flowers and plants across your landscape will genuinely make your home shine apart! The summer-friendly flowers such as bougainvillea or zinnia will make your yard look lively. However, you need to be sure you put the plants in their appropriate spots because different species demand different things.

Summer Landscaping Tips


You must know the amount of shade or sun each specific plant requires. If it’s an indoor plant, place them next to your windows or in the spots where they can get the light they want.

5.   Make your lawn bug-free

Do you have bugs in your yard? If yes, then it means your lawn may not survive more than a couple of days. There are several things you can do to keep bugs from destroying your landscape.

Try to have no stagnant water nearby. Add a birdhouse to the garden to entice birds that will eat pests. Purchase and spray the bug traps and insect repellent to help you with your job quickly.

6.   Shorten the bushes

Trimming dead and unhealthy flora promotes firm and healthy growth. But don’t over-prune it as it may hinder the plant’s growth or ultimately kill it.

7.   Give some shade

Add a shade to the area where your delicate plants are exposed to direct sunshine all over the day. Consider a tall tree or a clump of bamboo.

8.   Mulch more

Mulching the flower beds benefits your plants in different ways. It helps control the soil temperature below the plants and retain water in the ground, boosting their wellbeing. For mulching, you can use compost, stones, dried leaves, or newspaper.

Summer Landscaping Tips


9.   Clean your home

The summer landscaping tips won’t ever be fruitful if you don’t clean the outdoors. You don’t notice how much filth, dust, and stains accumulate on the outside of your home unless you clean it thoroughly. Do regular cleanup of your backyard.

10.   Contact the experts

The best ever option for healthy summer landscaping is by consulting an expert. Professionals can guide you with the best tips and services to give your lawn an attractive appearance for the rest of the season.


And the final summer landscaping tip is to just sit and enjoy your lawn. Always remember to take a break and relax after all of your hard work. If you are not sure, let the Landscaping Company happily help your lawn with their expertise while you take a sip of lemon juice or watermelon punch admiring nature.

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