10 Quick Spring Landscaping Tips

  • 10 Quick Spring Landscaping Tips

Spring is the best time to have fun landscaping your garden and ensure that it looks great – the quick tips here will help you to keep it beautiful year round. Whether you’re planning on having many garden get togethers or you simply want a place to enjoy a therapeutic gardening hobby, the advice below can help. 

1. Tidy Up Your Beds And Borders

Start by doing a general tidy of your beds and borders, including any leaves and debris. Now is a great time to cut back on dead growth from deciduous grasses, too, but if you want your garden to be wildlife friendly, leave this part until early spring. Clear borders and beds back to bare soil and remove weeds.  

2. Sow Seeds That Need A Longer Season

In January and February you can start sowing the seeds of plants which need a longer growing season, such as:

Using a heated propagator will ensure they grow nicely!

3. Remove Pests 

Removing any hibernating nests now will save you a lot of trouble come spring and summer. Make sure you visit Emergency Pest Control Vaughan website to eliminate pests from your space.

Check your plants for slugs, snails, and aphid colonies and do what you need to do to get rid of them. Remember, using organic pest solutions rather than toxic solutions in your garden is a better idea. This will protect the wildlife and keep your garden healthy

4. Maintain Fences, Gates, and Trellis 

Get those maintenance jobs out of the way now and maintain your fences, gates, and trellis. Replace any broken segments or structures and give them a deep clean – a stiff brush can help to remove stubborn grime easily. However, you may also want to use a power washer to ensure they come up as clean as possible in the shortest amount of time. 

5. Trim Your Trees

If your trees are getting close to the side of your house or your roof then it’s time to trim them. They may even obstruct your yard if you leave it too late, and trees that have not been trimmed for a while can be very troublesome.

Just be aware that if you were ever going to call in experts, now is a great time to do so. There are many Andover landscaping pros that can help you with this so that you get it right. If you get it wrong, it can be bad for you, your home, and your trees. 

6. Add Statement Shrubs

Statement shrubs are a fantastic way to create interest in your yard – see here for details. They will add height, texture and variety as well as fill in any problem areas. This is a wonderful spring landscaping tip and can instantly perk up the appearance of your yard. 

7. Go With Native Plants

Native plants are a great low maintenance option! These plants require little care and eliminate the need for regular watering, so start to find native options for your region by doing a quick Google search now. You’ll love how little you have to care for these plants but how good they look at the same time. 

8. Illuminate Everything

Don’t forget to showcase your hard work by lighting it all up. This will also allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in the evening and make it festive – perfect for entertaining. You can use solar lights to light up your plant beds and walkways, but string lights are a particularly great addition to any beautiful garden. 

9. Add Potted Plants 

Potted plants are low maintenance and more versatile than other kinds of plants. They will add color to different parts of your yard and are easy to switch around if you want to. The pop of color is a fantastic way to experiment and really show off your tastes. They are another great way to add interest and height to a yard, too.  

10. Plant Lavender

Lavender has a relaxing aroma which many love, but that’s not all – it can also act as a bug repellent. The plant only needs to be watered once or twice a week, so it can make a great addition to any keen gardener’s yard – especially those who want extra protection from pesky bugs. You can get really creative with a lavender plant – how about creating your own essential oils?

Which of these spring landscaping tips are you going to use to keep your garden looking its best?

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