10 Plants For A Pop Of Winter Color

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Most avid gardeners dread the winter because it’s not as fun as the spring, summer and fall in terms of involvement in their crops. They also hate to see a dormant landscape out their window during the cold months in New England. But winter isn’t all doom and gloom for your garden. In fact, there are ways you can ensure a pop of color for your blah landscape even in this season. Here are 10 plants that add vibrancy and texture to any garden.

1. Cabbage and Kale

Ornamental cabbage and kale are tough enough to survive the cold winter yet bring a whole new texture to any garden bed. These also happen to be some of the most popular winter annual plants. They give a totally different texture to your winter landscape beds. And after the plants are hardened by cooler nighttime temperatures, they’re able to survive most cold winters.

2. Camellias

These vibrant pink flowers love acidic, moist soil teeming with organic matter. Flowering in late fall and winter, you’ll appreciate their waxy-petalled flowers of red, pink, coral and white.

3. Winter Jasmine

Jasminum nudiflorum, also known as winter jasmine, takes no trouble at all to grow. It’s simple yet features tiny bursts of yellow colors.

4. Hollies

With an eye-catching display of evergreen leaves highlighted by bright red and gold berries, the holly bush is a perennial favorite among winter gardeners.

5. Cotoneaster

This leafy evergreen gives off a stunning berry show in even the coldest of winters. It grows quickly and works well as groundcover.

6. Japanese maples

With their delicately shaped trunks and contorted branches, this shrub adds a deep purple to your winter landscape. Dainty yet hardy at the same time, these maples add elegance to your garden.

7. Nandina

Performing best in mild winters, Nandina is great for lining your garden so its green leaves and beautiful berries can be enjoyed by all. make sure you plant it front and center. It’s a stunning addition to your landscape.

8. Native serviceberries

If you haven’t had the pleasure of growing these seemingly snow-covered branches in your garden, you’re in for a treat. Come spring, you’ll see white blossoms, perfect for pictures, and enjoy tasty berries come June. In the fall, the red and orange hues are breathtaking. One word of caution: birds love to peck at the berries, so net the trees if you’re intending to use the berries for a pie.

9. Doublefile viburnum

Another vision in white, Doublefile viburnum features asymmetrical, tiered branch structure that’s particularly stunning when draped in fresh snow.

10. Red and yellow stemmed dogwood

The twigs of this dogwood are inspiring in winter, especially when backdropped against dark evergreens.

For help choosing your winter flowers for a dash of color, call T&B Landscape and Irrigation at (978) 296-5290 today. We offer planting arrangements of annuals or perennials to ensure your ornamental garden beds stand out with color no matter the season. Here is some more additional info on where you can find places to look at fascinating flowers.

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